COVID-19 | Increasing demand in hotel refurbishment projects

COVID-19 | Increasing demand in hotel refurbishment projects

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the UK tourism sector which has resulted in huge changes in visitor behaviour. The increase in travel restrictions have triggered a surge in the demand for ‘staycations’. Holiday parks and self-catering have particularly benefited where providers can offer ‘self-contained’ units.

This increase in domestic tourism is promising for the hotel sector. However, many holidaymakers are avoiding the city centres whilst the pandemic still poses a serious threat. This is particularly troubling given a large percentage of hotels are located within the cities.

In addition, many hotels are not designed or built to provide adequate social distancing. Many are also not equipped to facilitate rigorous cleaning regimes.

Why now is the time to improve standards

Remaining competitive in this uncertain market has never been more important. The rush of bookers that many establishments experienced after July won’t last. It is predicted that holidaymakers will be seeking higher standards after 2021 not just in terms of cleanliness.

Use this time over the winter period to improve your hotel interiors. Retrofitting your hotel to ensure that the look and feel is cleaner has the potential to really improve booking numbers.

Look at the flooring in the communal areas such as hallways and public spaces. If you have carpet in these area, is it worth replacing with solid flooring? Do you need high-tech filters in your HVAC systems? Is your interior design to a high standard?

Don’t just stop at the bedrooms, look at the kitchens and bathrooms. Making simple changes such as replacing shower curtains with glass doors can have a big impact on guest experience where cleanliness is concerned.

Harris Evolution has over 20 years’ experience in undertaking hotel refurbishment projects. Our Project Managers are well equipped with tried and tests systems, that ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget.

As a hotel refurbishment contractor we understand the competitive nature of the hotel sector. We are well rehearsed in carrying out schemes ranging from small refurbishments to complex fitouts.

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