We have worked with Barchester Healthcare since 2017, acting as their Contractor for planned maintenance and refurbishment works.

Over the years we have delivered over 100 projects, providing services for minor structural works across their national portfolio of 240 care homes. Recent schemes include the electrical installation for a Magic Table at 50+ care homes, wet-room refurbishments, M&E upgrades, FFE installs, floor replacements and redecorations.

Most projects were completed in live environments which required an extra level of care. In order to limit disruption, works were often isolated from residents or undertaken in phases wherever possible.

As most of the residents at Barchester Healthcare are dementia patients, special consideration was given to prevent any distress resulting from repairs or maintenance works. Teams were strictly prohibited from working alone, extra safety measures were put in place to protect vulnerable residents, and after works were completed, furniture and fixtures were returned to where they were.

When dealing with care home projects, our team always go the extra mile to ensure works are delivered seamlessly and to a high standard, with minimal disruption. This is evident in our most recent end user feedback survey which received 36 responses, with an overwhellming percentage grading our service as


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