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Our mission

At Harris Evolution we’re proud to be leading a new way of doing business in the refurbishment sector.

By bringing our core values of doing the right thing, always doing the best we can and showing we care, we aim to raise standards and transform the sector from the ground up. Replacing unreliability with trust, and unfairness with honesty.

It’s already working. Our reputation for quality refurbishments, energetic staff and doing things the right way has seen us double over the past five years. And we’re not finished yet…

Our vision

To be a disrupter through constant evolution, commitment and promises, changing lives for the better.

With our principles we can offer clients a more open, fair and honest way of working from start to finish. Building trust, encouraging collaboration and taking pride in the results.

Construction Tool Onsite
Close up of Construction Plans

Our values

Working together to change the refurbishment sector by always doing the right thing.

Safe pair of hands
You can relax with us. We’ll make a plan and stick
to it. Then we’ll learn from the results so we’re
always improving.

Going that extra mile
To us, just ‘ok’ is just not good enough. We’re always looking to turn problems into solutions and add value, so every job is the best it can be.

There for you
To you, to our suppliers, to each other, to our craft. We love being a team and always handle ourselves with decency.