Employees Discussing Construction Plans


Nothing beats the very first meeting, when we get to see each other eye-to-eye over a coffee. Things have changed a little now, of course. Instead of chatting over a latte, we chat over a video call. Yet despite being stuck in little boxes on a laptop screen, it works surprisingly well. It’s a great way of getting to grips with the scope and scale of the proposed project. And because there’s no travel, there isn’t a huge amount of downtime for you, or disruption to your calendar. Not to mention significant money savings for everybody.


Planning, planning, planning. Every project needs it. Few refurbishment companies are as serious about it as we are. We meticulously plan and manage every stage so that we keep everything on track, on time and on budget.

Now, through video calls, we can talk through a quote together in detail before it’s sent to you in writing. Our refurbishment project management teams can discuss what is and isn’t covered in the quote, and can support and guide you so that you get the most for your money. We get more clarity on the job, while you receive a more personal experience.

Large, small, simple or complex… Whatever the scale of project, we’ll micromanage every step of the process. No detail will be spared and we’ll oversee the entire fit-out process.

Construction Plans on Laptop
Commercial Refurbishment Tendering Document UK


Our free pre-tender cost advice on budgets and constructions methods helps you save money and avoid expensive mistakes. We won’t give you a fluffy estimate like other companies might. We’ll give you a final cost and do everything we can to limit any unforeseen costs. And for more confidence, we’ll break this cost down for you item-by-item, pound-by-pound, in a detailed tender document.

From the detailed working drawings we do, to the ongoing refurbishment outlays… it will all be there, accounted for, so there’ll never be any hidden costs or nasty surprises.


The moment we receive the contract, then it’s all systems go for us. The pre-work stage includes ordering supplies and getting out to the site for a meeting – or a virtual meeting nowadays under the circumstances. It’s actually an efficient alternative. Along with reducing risks by keeping social distances, it saves money and a lot of time. All the stakeholders can still be present, important information can be shared and any potential concerns can be raised before a tool is picked up.

Company Meeting Discussing Refurbishment Plans
UK Contractors Health Safety

Health & safety

It’s not just about doing a job well. It’s about doing a job well while meeting the highest safety criteria. You’ll find our commitment to health and safety is second to none. During every project we have a health and safety advisor on hand to make sure our people and our clients are protected in every way. Because we believe the wellbeing of our people protects the wellbeing of our business in the future.

To us, health and safety is never an afterthought, or an obligatory box to be ticked. It’s second nature, engrained in every member of our team from day one.


The first day onsite still gives us a buzz. There’s no feeling like beginning to put all the planning into action. Your project will be carried out by skilled and experienced craftspeople and overseen by our in-house project and site managers. It goes without saying that everything we do is compliant with Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, and our design risk assessments extend to the long-term use and maintenance of every project.

To keep you up-to-date with the job, we’ll set up virtual site progress meetings. You can have full access and visibility of the sites with the site manager – and see the quality of work for yourself. Time saving and money saving, this virtual way of working allows site decisions to be made sooner.

If there’s anything you’d like to change, for example, then no problem; we can give you a quote and update the design to meet your request. And should we need a physical meeting, our construction sites follow new Covid-19 operating procedures to make sure they’re protecting the team and our clients.

UK Construction Contractor Working
Completed Commercial Refurbishment in Bristol

Completion and feedback

Rest assured that your project will be done and dusted on time and on budget – sometimes it’s even completed before time and under budget! You’ll have opportunities to inspect everything is just the way you want it. You’ll also meet with our dedicated aftercare manager who will deal with any requests you may have. Not only do we want to leave you with an incredible refurbishment; we also want to leave you with a sense of trust in us. It’s no surprise so many of our clients return to ask us to carry out further work for them.