How Gary started as an apprentice

How Gary started as an apprentice

There are alternative routes to higher education which focus on more than just academic performance. Some skills cannot be taught in a classroom and this is particularly relevant within the construction industry where practical based learning is a critical part of the role.

Most of our team will agree, it is their hands on experience that has proven to be invaluable when learning the trade; this is why we are strong advocates of apprenticeship schemes. They not only provide employment opportunities for young professionals, but they also help grow an important skills pool which has been shrinking in recent years.

We are committed to investing in our team and supporting those that wish to develop a career in the construction industry. We believe that having the right attitude and aptitude is key to success – as long as someone is committed and prepared to the do the best they can for our clients, we know they can easily master the skills necessary to becoming an expert in their field.

Gary’s Story

We appreciate the challenges young professionals are facing in this current climate and wish to share one of our success stories to inspire those that might not have previously considered a career in construction.

Gary joined the company over 10 years ago on an apprenticeships scheme. Over the years he has developed into the role of Electrical Supervisor and has worked on a number of large refurbishment schemes, from LED lighting roll-outs, to complete M&E fit-outs.

We are proud of Gary’s success and professional achievements. He is a valuable member of the team and remains commitment to our clients. Here is what Gary had to say about his apprenticeship with Harris Evolution:

1. What was it like working at Harris Evolution when you first started 10 years ago?

It was great! We were mainly carrying out electrical work back then so I was in my element. There was always swings and roundabouts in every job but I’m just grateful I had the opportunity to work for Harris Evolution.

2. Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship?

I was a bit of a late bloomer in the electrical game. I had always worked on schemes where there was an element of electrical work before I came to work for the company. Harris Evolution offered me an apprenticeship after a year or so in, and I couldn’t resist.

3. What did you enjoy about the role?

I have never shied away from hard work, and I also really enjoy getting stuck in to my electrical work. I am doing a job I enjoy and it doesn’t really get much better than that.

4. What are the biggest changes you’ve witnessed since you’ve been with the company?

Firstly, Harris Evolution was predominately an electrical company, with just a couple of electricians doing what we do, so to see it change and evolve into what they do now is mind blowing and seriously impressive. Crazy journey!

5. How have you evolved since you first joined?

Over the course of 10 years I would probably say my knowledge and better understanding of things, and maybe in confidence also. I rarely dwell on problems now, I just find ways to overcome them. This is in line with the companies ethos of being problem solvers.

6. Why have you decided to stay with Harris? Is there anything in particular that has made you stay?

I’m quite old school in my ways. Loyalty is everything to me and Harris Evolution has always looked after me so I try everyday to return the favour as best I can.

Join our team!

In support of National Careers Week CIC and we are pledging to support with the development and growth for those seeking a career in the construction sector.

As part of our proposed placement scheme, we are offering office-based work experience, to help young people find roles they will not only enjoy but will develop transferable skills from.

With youth unemployment remaining high, there has never been a more important time for careers guidance to be promoted in education. We want to promote opportunities in the construction sector for young people, especially during this particularly difficult economic period.

If anyone is interested in our placement scheme, please contact us on or call 0117 967 5923.