Luke Harris

Founder / CEO

What are you most proud of at Harris Evolution?

Knowing how far this company has come from when it was started and coming out of the tough times stronger. I am proud to have such a great team of people who I have seen grow and develop over the years, who are trustworthy, hardworking, and great friends.

What puts a smile on your face?

I love to achieve things people didn’t think we could do, it’s not about proving people wrong it’s about proving myself right.

I love seeing a client be overly surprised with what we have achieved and seeing them let their guard down, its great to know you have helped to ease burdens and worries for them. The charitable contributions and actions we take as a company really do make me happy, it’s great.

What do you do outside of work that moulds you to be the person you at work?

I think for me they complement each other; I can honestly say it’s not work for me I love what I do. Discipline and a commitment to improving in all walks of my life are fundamental.


One of the biggest things you realise as Managing Director is the value of time. It’s the most precious commodity we have. You can make more money, but it’s impossible to create more time. Which is why you have to be ruthless about making the most of it.

Luke Harris