Turning an empty shell into student housing.

Sometimes it’s great to start a job with a completely blank canvas, instead of refurbishing an old, existing environment. That’s exactly what happened when we were appointed principal contractor for the installation of brand new student accommodation at Cheyney Student village in Oxford

Our team was faced with nothing more than an empty shell. Through complex design, and mechanical and electrical installation, we needed to transform it into a student-centred space to inspire and support learning. But it wasn’t all plain sailing; there was no option to deliver the work out-of-term. Everything needed to be done while the University was operating, in a live, bustling environment. It was the kind of challenge we thrive on. The result was a new state-of-the-art accommodation which included 20 high-end bedrooms, a common room, bathrooms, kitchens and external common areas created with fully fitted glass balustrades.

Oxford Brooks University

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Delivered in:

16 Weeks

Oxford Brooks student accommodation refurbishment
Refurbished student accommodation in Oxford